Sunday, July 17, 2011

Buy this, Not that, part II

a continuation of Buy this, Not that, part I

As I have expressed many times, I have a crush on Anthropologie.  Sometimes when I'm sad I go to Anthropologie and walk around and pretend like I can buy whatever I want (and when that doesn't do the trick I hop over to Whole Foods and sample cheese, cherries, and olives).  I love everything about Anthropologie, excepting, of course, their prices.

Sometimes you just have to spring for that perfect dress and invest in something that makes you walk like a lady.  However, if you're in the business of having cake and eating it too you might be better served by buying your basics elsewhere.

Following are a few items from my favorite stores.  Below the items are their less expensive counterparts.  Enjoy!

Anthropologie $168

Target $20

Urban Outfitters $69

Target $20

Urban Outfitters $89

Nordstrom $17

Urban Outfitters $69

Nordstrom $26

super soft tee from American Apparel $24
equally as soft tee by Thread 4 Thought $10

Buy this, not That, part 1

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