Friday, January 27, 2012

A Cup 1/2 Full of Bargains (OR) A Cup 1/2 Empty with Bargains: my favorite liquidation stores in Nashville

"Don't hate me because I'm a brooksy biscuit!
This urban set is the cat's pajamas! But I'm no
 kluck because I gander in orchids at UAL!"

Whenever I go shopping, the ensuing conversation with my husband goes something like this,

Me: I found the best deals today!

Brandon: Oh?

Me: I saved us so much money!

Brandon: No, I don't think you saved us any money.

Me: Yes I did.  

Brandon: No you didn't.

Me: Yes I did.

Brandon: No you didn't.  How did you save money when you spent it?

Me: Because I bought things we needed at 30% of the retail price, which means I saved us money.

Brandon: Spent money.

Me: I'm sorry your cup is half full.

Maybe we're spending money, maybe we're saving money.   I'll let you decide that for yourself.  However, whether your bargain bin is 1/2 full or 1/2 empty, you're sure to find something that delights at these great bargain stores.   

To those of you who live far from Nashville, I am sorry.  This is another Nashville-centric post.  However, it might just be another reason to put Nashville down on your list of vacation spots.

1. Essex on Nolensville
This place is amazing.  The other day I bought a Cuisinart coffee machine, a kitchen-aid food processor, a Culligan under-the-sink water filter, a memory foam overlay for my bed, and a cute grey t-shirt (I couldn't help it--I'm addicted to grey t-shirts) all for $90.  When looking for new appliances, bedding, electronics, or things for your baby (3 aisles full of baby things), Essex is where you want to go.  Essex is a liquidation store, which features slightly defective, overstock, and closeout items.  Before purchasing, make sure you open the box and check out your appliance, as some appliances are there because of defects.  

2. UAL (United Apparel Liquidators) on West End
Tired of your Michael Kors knock-off?  Why don't you get a real one?  Not possible you say?  Well, you simply haven't been to UAL.  UAL is a wonderland for those of us who love pretty things, but can't afford them.  You may not need a Rebecca Taylor dress for your birthday bash, but it sure would be nice.  Well friends, UAL has made your birthday dreams come true. UAL is a liquidation store, featuring high-end brands at rarely seen prices.  During one of their sales I got 4 pairs of Paper Denim Jeans for $6 and an Of Two Minds blouse for $20.  UAL features brands from Diesel to Spanx, from Alice and Olivia to Dolce and Gabanna, from Burberry to Versace, and much more--all for low liquidated prices.  As with Essex, you'll want to inspect your piece to make sure there are no defects, as some of the pieces are there because they have been snagged, stretched, or make-up'ed.  However, other pieces are just there to be liquidated, which is about as good as it gets.

3. Marty and Liz Shoes in Coolsprings and Tullahoma
I once read a study which concluded that women who looked at beautiful shoes produced the same chemicals as they did when looking at beautiful  men.  After going to Marty and Liz I believe them.  Marty and Liz features a wide array of shoes such as Nike, Stewart Weitzman, Joan and David, Converse, Clarks, Steve Madden, Coach, Aldo, Kate Spade--you name it.  With the exception of higher end shoes, most shoes are under $30.  Who knows, you might need some cute shoes to go with that new Rebecca Taylor dress from UAL.

4. Southeastern Salvage in Berry Hill
Southeastern Salvage is a great place to buy urns, fancy pots, strange and ornate art for your lawn, and things you'll need for home improvement such as hardwood, tile, countertops, copper hoods and bathtubs (yyyeeessss) and cabinets--and all for a fraction of the retail price.  

5. Old Time Pottery in Murfreesboro and Madison
With glassware and plates starting at $0.30 and few exceeding $5, it's hard to find a better deal anywhere else on your table settings.  Old Time Pottery also features a wide array of holiday items as well as furniture, silk flowers, kitchen items, and home decor.

6. Deals
Deals is another liquidation store, which features an array of household necessities like toilet paper, soap, and trashbags. They also have an interesting collection of products from home shopping channels.  

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