Monday, February 4, 2013

virtual sale

vintage feather hat.  amazing condition. $40
Hey guys!  So, I need to get rid of some things.  I just don't have room for my stuff and it's a lot easier to sell your things than buy a bigger house for your things.  Some of these prices are firm, some are not.

gunne sax vintage dress.  tea length.  lace.  size 2/4. $150
feather hat again

20 candle holders $12

wedgwood vera wang gravy boat $10. never used, still has sticker

wedgewood sugar $10.  never used still has sticker

jameson shotglasses.  never used $3

hook $3

project chair.  (I've already taken 1/2 of it apart for you:)  $50
suitcase of bottles with atomizers $15

coffee table $50

vintage silk nightgown, fits 2-6 $100
lace on nightgown
wedding dress.  needs some love.  comes with veil/hood, which attaches to the back of the dress $40

cool old mirror from the 40's $35

vintage swing dress, size 2 $40

vintage wiggle dress, size 2/4 $30

necklace from the 50's.  Has all of the rhinestones.  $60

wiggle dress with detachable skirt (pictured below) size 0/2.  sorry about the wrinkles.  IT's been in my tiny closet, $150.  great condition.


aimee Rogers said...

ohhhh man, if i lived closer i would definitely take the coffee table off your hands. :)

Dorothy Marner said...

Can I buy your three dollar hook plus shipping? Please.

Dorothy Marner said...

Mmm, Dorothy Marner is my pen name ... Kathryn Brown :-/

Anonymous said...

can you wait about 2 years so I can get down to a size 2? I mean seriously - these pieces are breath-taking. Oh who am I kidding... last time I was a size 2 I was in elementary school.

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