Saturday, May 14, 2011

man up and be a woman.

"A rally is not a breather. A rally is the breath before the battle-cry." --Jenna of SingleInTheSouth

I made it extra large for you so you'll know how serious I am.  Ladies, rally!!!!
Ok, so, I'm tired.  And I've been working like mad so I can be fancy and out of debt.  So far, so good.  However, I haven't had a chance to do a few of the things I love so such as tea parties and writing to you inspiring and lovely ladies. In fact, all I've done when I'm not working is wine, eat cookies, and watch Ugly Betty.

At the end of Ugly Betty, episode 20, season 4, with a mouthful of cookies (Don't make fun), I had an epiphany.  "Crystal," I said, "You must rally!"  I mean, Betty did it.  No more whining!  No more cookies!  No more Ugly Betty!

So here I am, tired, rallying, and ready (aaand, wearing a sugar mask as I type this--just because you're worn out doesn't mean you should look like you are).  Sometimes you've just got to man up and be a woman, do what you've got to do, fight for the greater good, so you may be who you were called to be.

So, no tips today on being poor and fancy--just a word to live well and rally.

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