Sunday, February 26, 2012

The $20 makeover

Haircut: $11 Eyebrow wax: $7.  a cup of coffee: $2. A day at the beauty school? Priceless.

I can't afford $70 to get my hair done.  As a consequence, I've cut my own hair for years.  Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's awful.  You never know what you're going to get when you're cutting the back of your hair with a straight razor and have no idea what it looks like.  Then my life changed.  My friend, Amanda, started beauty school.  At first I went to be supportive.  Then I found out that she's good!!

I know.  You think that sounds scary.  But look at it this way: everyone's got to start somewhere.  And either you have it or you don't.  So, the key is to have your hair cut by someone who has it, who is just starting out.

Amanda Rogers, getting ready to chop off my mullet at The Salon Professional Academy.
If you don't know anyone personally at the beauty school, make an appointment for a pedicure.  Think of this as your undercover trip, an investment in the future of you hair.  Let's be honest, you can live with a bad pedicure, but the mop that frames your face had better be lovely.  While you're getting your pedicure, ask your nail girl who gives the cutest cuts and look at the students' hair.  When you find the student with cute hair ask him/her who cut it--chances are it was another student.  When they tell you, make an appointment.  Done.  You have your stylist.

Next stop: massage school.

Below is the menu for The Salon Professional Academy (

  • Haircut                               $9
  • Child’s Cut (12 and under)$5
  • Bang or Beard Trim       $7
  • Shampoo & Style              $6
  • Special Occasion Updo$19
  • Conditioning Service   $6
  • Color & Style                   $19
  • Highlights                        $29
  • Perm                                $39
  • Relaxer                           $39


  • Facial                              $19
  • Facial with Makeup     $19
  • Makeup Application      $9
  • Facial Wax                       $9


  • Manicure                         $9
  • French Manicure         $14
  • Pedicure                        $19
  • Polish Change              $5
  • Paraffin Dip                     $7
  • Nail Art                            $4

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