Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brag on my Bragg

Yes, this ad is real (found on barnbaby).  Little did they
know, they could have just used apple cider vinegar
Making healthy choices can be expensive.  I hate how short ingredient lists mean bigger prices.  And it's terrifying to think that the food once produced by farmers and chefs is now the work of scientists.  Though some may be tempted to scoff at my boutique grocery shopping (fancy is as fancy does), I find that my body and mind are satisfied when I'm feeding my body things that are good for it.

This is why I love apple cider vinegar.  It's an inexpensive cure-all, which frees up some cash so I can buy things like fennel and an El Rey, coursly conched, 72% chocolate bar.  When buying apple cider vinegar, make sure you buy the one that says "from the mother" or "with the mother."  You also want to buy the bottle that has all of the stuff at the bottom.  I always buy Bragg.  

Apple cider vinegar is--you guessed it--fermented apple cider.  Apple cider vinegar contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron, among other minerals and elements that your body needs to survive.  It has been known to cure stomach problems, dandruff and other yeast problems, sore throats, and mold in your house (note, due to the high acidity content, apple cider vinegar is not for everyone).

Following are a few links on how to use apple cider vinegar:

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