Saturday, February 25, 2012

Betseyville Yes: making use of vintage sheets

see Betseyville at Paradise Properties
For the low, low price of $600,000 you can be owner of Betseyville--Betsey Johnson's villa in Mexico.  I'll be honest, I love Betsey Johnson.  And though I'll never be as funky, or have hair as pink, or walk in heels as high as she does, I like to know I have the option.  And though I could never afford her personally designed and staged villa in Mexico, I find comfort in knowing it's there for the taking.

For those of us who can't afford villas, much less a plane ticket just to go down and see Betseyville, much much less a Betsey Johnson dress, we must make due with our own spaces, filling them with things that make us feel beautiful.  I love Betsey Johnson's vintage inspired flowers and colors, which is what made me drool over the photos of Betseyville.

Let's face it, when you're $600,000 short, you've just got to make due, which is why I've been exploring the beauty of vintage sheets.  If you find them at the thrift store they'll cost you about $0.50 to $5, which, if you ask me, beats buying a villa you can't afford to look at.
save money by going vintage for your bedding.
Or cut up your vintage sheets to make curtains
Use your sheets as a tablecloth
Use a vintage sheet for your shower curtain.

Since most vintage sheets come in twins and fulls we may have to make a few revisions .  Following are instructions for how to finish your sheets so they may adorn your windows and tables.  A sewing machine and iron are required.

Step 1: Cut your sheet to the appropriate size, leaving 2-3 inches on each side for your hem.

Step 2: fold the edge of the fabric over by 1 inch and iron.  We'll call this side the western side of your sheet.

Step 3: Fold the fabric over again and iron

 Step 4: Sew the ironed part to make a hem.  Follow steps 1-4 for the Eastern side of your sheet.  Then do steps 1-4 for the Southern part of your sheet.  If you are making curtains, go on to step 5.  If you are making a table cloth, repeat steps 1-4 for the Northern side of your sheet.

Step 5: To make a curtain, do step 1 to the Northern side of you sheet, then fold the sheet over again, this time by 3 inches, and iron.  Sew it.  You will insert the curtain rod through this space.

If you guys decide to try this I would love to see what you come up with.  Please tell me if you can think of any other uses for beautiful vintage sheets.


Colleen Wandel said...

These are great! I have even used vintage sheets cut up for art (framed), or as scrap fabric to make hair bows and stuffed animals for kids. They also work great as backdrops for photo shoots.

crystal said...

C--such a good idea.

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