Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 dozen things you can do with 3 dozen eggs

"Necessity....the mother of invention" -Dear Plato.

So, the big barter mentioned previously has taken place.  I now have in my possesion 3 dozen, organic, farm fresh eggs from chickens who have names.  And I'm excited.  No one was interested in bartering for any of them so Brandon and I are going eat all 3 dozen (baring in mind that we can freeze most things).  

Not only are eggs cheap, but they have the ability to be decadent.  Following are 3 dozen fancy things you can do with 3 dozen eggs by adding a few additional ingredients:

1.Meringue Cookies
fancy egg
2. Chocolate Souffle
4.Sponge Cake
5.Gruyere Souffle
6.Terragon Egg Salad
7 Eggs in a Basket 
8. Eggs Benedict
9. Quiche Lorraine 
10. Frittata 
11. Souffle Omelet (for dessert)
12.Oeufs a la Neige
13. Creme Caramel
14. Egg Custard
15. Zabaglione
16. Cold Tangerine Souffle
17. Deviled Eggs
18. Sweet Potato Souffle
19. Egg Curry
20. Egg Fu Yung
21. Egg Drop Soup
23. Flourless Nut Cake
24.Meringue Nest with Ricotta 
25. Creme Brulee
26. Vanilla Barvarois
27. Angel Food Cake
28. Choux Pastry
29. Chocolate Ganache Meringues 
30. Baked Eggs with Basil-Mint Pesto
31. Croissant French Toast
32. Baked Eggs Florentine
33.Baked French Toast
34. Egg and Rice Scramble
35. Almond Coconut Flan
36. Huevos Rancheros 

If you have any, please list your favorite use of eggs.  

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Lori said...

Breakfast casserole!! Day old cubed bread to line a 9x13 pan, toss in some hashbrowns, shredded cheese, (meat, if you like) - really, anything you like. Then take 5 eggs and 1-3/4 cup milk and whisk together with some salt and pepper. Pour on top of other ingredients and bake on 350 for 30 -35 minutes. Sprinkle with some more cheese for a topping. :) Sooooo yummy!! ps - you can add a little white wine in place of some milk for more of a brunch-type dish.

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