Friday, April 1, 2011

It's pronounced like "Louie"

"Mother? Must we always be grownups?"
"Mother?" I asked, after a long day at work.  "Must we always be grownups?"
"Yes," she replied solemnly. "Unless you marry rich!  And then I'm coming too!"
My mom buys me a Coach purse every year.  Last year's was a lovely, little, blue tweed bag.  It's hanging in the special place in my closet.  I do appreciate a good purse.  However, I find that I bang them around so much that I only carry the ones I find at the Goodwill.  I'm not sure, but I think this is why my mom buys me one every year.  
So, as fancy girls, we want to carry a nice purse.  As poor girls we don't want to [can't] pay for it.  So, you have 4 choices: 1) go vintage 2) carry a knockoff  3) carry a no name purse or  4) buy your purse at a garage sale or consignment shop (my last find: a vintage Burberry for $5.  Sorry, ladies, you won't find it at the Goodwill--they consign designer things now). 
If you go with a knock-off choose a nicely constructed Coach or Burberry.  They won't give you away like a Fendi, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel knockoff would--Burlington Coat Factory is notorious for their Fendi and Louis knockoffs. 
However, if you go the garage sale route, you've got to know how to spot a fake because I find more knockoffs than I do legit purses.

Answer the following questions:

First, does it feel good?
Second, is it real or faux leather?
Third, is the stitching straight? Even? Neat?  
Fourth, check the emblem.  Do you see any glue?  Does it look like someone just tacked it on there?
Fifth, check the lining and zippers inside the purse.  On fakes the zippers and lining inside the purse are generally poor quality. 
Sixth, check the hardware.  Is it nice?  

These purses are luxury purses.  If any of these are even slightly amiss it's a fake.  If you even have to wonder if the stitching is straight, stop being hopeful.  It's a fake.  However, if your heart answers yes to these questions then you must check the purse brand by brand.  And, really, if you still find it's a fake, but answered yes to the above questions, it might be so nicely constructed that you wouldn't mind carrying a knockoff.  

How to spot a fake Louis Vuitton (these do not all apply to vintage pieces.  Oh! The complicated lives we lead!):
1. The Louis Vuitton pattern will always continue flawlessly past the seam
2. The straps will tell you a lot.  The Louis Vuitton leather begins to oxidize within about 3 weeks of purchasing it.  As it oxidizes it turns darker.   
3. Look at the fonts on the emblem.  the "o" will be very round.  If it's an oval it's a fake.  
4. The pattern, hardware, and handles create a picture that is symmetrical.  Should any of it appear messy or haphazard it's a fake.

For more information on these bags click here

Click on the following links for more information on how to spot a fake.  Also, Ebay has some great articles on how to spot legit designer bags.

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