Monday, April 11, 2011

You want Fryes with that?: Guerilla Shopping

There are few things more satisfying than digging through junk and uncovering a treasure.  This is why I love the Goodwill outlet.  And let's face it, the Goodwill has just gotten too expensive (kidding--sort of).

Vintage Fryes from the 80's
The Goodwill outlet is open every Sunday from 11-6.  Not only do they sell clothing for $1.34 per pound, but people from all around the globe happen to show up at this little hub.  It's quite the cultural experience. 

And most weeks it really is just junk....but not last week!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my vintage Frye's, purchased for the low, low price of $1.34.  (this is also where Brandon and I got our $10 wrought iron antique bed--I'll post pics later).

These are the rollable bins of glorious things
Following are the rules for the Goodwill Outlet.  It is crucial that you obey each one:
1. Your buggy is fair game until you put something in it.
2. You may not touch anyone's shopping cart.  Even if it's blocking the path it would be better to go out of your way than get into a fist fight with the pusher of the cart.  Trust me.  It will happen.
3. The Goodwill Outlet doesn't have any shelves--it merely has rollable bins full of glorious things.  When they roll a new bin out everyone clusters around it.  You may look, see who's eyeing the same purse you are, then calculate your first move--to dive or not to dive, that is.  Then when the kind lady in the blue vest says, "Go!" you may dig.  But don't be surprised if someone accidentally hits you in the side of the head with a tennis shoe.  Trust me.  That'll happen too.
4. Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.  That is, be nice to the lady who dove into the shoe bin and got to the cowboy boots before you did.  Next time you see her looking for the match to those cute vintage heels, say, "What shoe are you looking for?"  When she shows you tell her you'll keep an eye out.  Then hold up the shoe you're looking for and ask her to do the same.


Lori said...

that's awesome!!!! great advice. :)

itsjneenjournal said...

Love the outlet out when they bring out a new 'trough' full of fresh becomes a feeding frenzy!!!

Sarah said...

I want to go to an outlet! that looks like so much fun!

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