Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday giveaway: a SCOBY of your very own

Kombucha: the fancy way to stay healthy.  Ok, so I realize this is the newest health fad.  However, I've been drinking this stuff for a month and my energy levels have nearly doubled.  Unfortunately, at 5 bucks a pop, I can't afford it.  This is why I make my own.
Buying Kombucha vs. Making It: being fancy and poor isn't all glamour.

You'll need the following:
filtered water (don't use distilled), 4 tea bags (either black or green tea.  No herbal teas, ladies), a giant pickle jar (if you don't want to spend the $5 on a jar, go down to your local deli and ask them for one of their left over jars), cheese cloth, 1 cup of sugar, 1 c. kombucha, and a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

1. Place tea and sugar into a separate bowl. Pour 1 quart of boiling water over tea bags and sugar and let sit until room temp.

2. Pour tea/sugar/water into your giant pickle jar

3. Pour 2-3 more quarts of water into the mixture

4. Pour in 1 c. of kombucha and place your SCOBY on the top with the dark side facing down.

5. Cover with cheese cloth and allow to sit, untampered.

6. Your kombucha will be finished when it is fizzy (5- 10 days).

7. Bottle and refrigerate.

8. Drink 1 cup every day.  You can also mix kombucha with your favorite fruit juice (I mix mine with lemon juice)

Ok, now for the fun part.  I have in my possession an extra SCOBY, which I will give to one lucky lady.  I want to hear about a fancy poor moment you had this week.  I'll draw a name at random from the comments below.


Kathryn said...

I love your posts! I took you advice on the cleaning products. With my troop of kiddos in this house, I have already save a bundle. Plus, i already had the orage essential oil on had to sent the spray. NEVER occured to me to add it to the vineger solution. And who wants a home to smell like vinegar?? Problem solved! Also, treated to myself to a fancy-pants home hair treatment with oils to put my crazy, dry hair back in its place and presentable for Easter! :) Please keep the posts coming, SO helpful!
~Kat (And THANK YOU to Davita to pointing me to the blog!!)

Lori said...

Having tea and scones with my friend, Elizabeth (harpist), before playing beautiful music. :) Is that fancy?

Crystal said...

mom, everything you do is fancy. Kat, what did you put in your hair?

Christa said...

Hi Crystal,
I found your blog through a link Chelsea had in her Gmail chat one day and I added it to my Google reader and have been enjoying it ever since. (I go to CCEN as well.)
Anyway, Trader Joes sells fancy Olive Oil Popcorn in pretty bags, but rather than cave to the enticing TJs marketing, I take the frugal route by popping my own popcorn in a stovepan with olive oil. The olive oil coats the popcorn during cooking, and I finish it with a few shakes of salt. It's way cheaper than buying it from TJs and it tastes amazing. :)
I'd love to win the SCOBY!

Kat said...

I take a ziplock baggie and add about a cup of oil. I prefer coconut oil, but I was out and olive oil works well, too. Than I add vitamin E oil and 1/2 Tablespoon lavender. I place the baggie in a bowl of HOT water and warm it up. Once it is warm, I snip the corner and drizzle the oil in my dry hair (the hole has to be small enough to keep the lavender in the bag and not your hair... i made that mistake once.) After leaving it in 20-25 minutes I wash my hair as usual. It leaves your hair so soft and ready for future flat iron abuse :)

Lori said...

Christa - what a yummy idea!! I wonder if my husband would notice if there wasn't an ENTIRE cube of butter on his popcorn!! hahaha - olive oil - SO much healthier!

Kat, is it hard to wash the oil out of your hair? That sounds like it would smell fabulous!!

When I was 12, I took a class from Miss Viva. Miss Viva taught us how to walk (with a book on our head) and how to hold our hands - and how to cross our ankles instead of our knees when sitting. She also instructed us to use mayonnaise as a very special deep conditioner for our hair. It's now occurring to me, after all these years, she probably meant a T or so. I, however, piled it on - probably a cup or so - before church. I wanted especially lovely hair when I saw the boy I was so enamored with. Imagine my dismay when my hair lay in greasy strands and my mother insisted that I had to go to church anyways! Of course, my mother had no idea that I didn't step foot in my class, but, stayed in the girls' bathroom trying to wash my hair with the hand soap... never tried THAT again!! Hahahaha.

Crystal said...

oooh! Christa, that sounds great. I've been thinking ab popcorn since I read your post last night.

Kat, I wish my hair was longer. I really want to try that. Haha, it's so soft that I am trying to damage it at the moment. Anyone have any tips for damaging your hair? Ha.

Crystal said...

Also, Christa, the SCOBY's yours. Kat, I'll have another in a month. You can have it. Christa, e-mail me at

Kat said...

LOL! I don't use mayonaise or egg in my hair like some people suggest... I find it leaves a funcky smell and does leave the hair super limp instead of fabulous. I do the oil treatment a minimum of a day ahead of time so I can make sure I don't have slick hair instead of smooth hair. It may take a couple shampoos, but I have always managed to get it all out. Also, you don't have to use all the oil, just enough to get those aweful split ends and the ohso frizzy roots. :)
I think they make a mousse to add texture/ dry out too fine/ soft hair. Maybe a home treatment??

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